Author Topic: HOW and WHEN does Student Assessment Occur?  (Read 2069 times)

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HOW and WHEN does Student Assessment Occur?
« on: February 16, 2012, 05:14:37 pm »
Assessment quizzes were added to two courses
• 45 question quiz worth 100 points -
   (Completed during IMD212 Basic Web Scripting)

• 50 question quiz worth 100 points –
   (Completed during IMD311 Sophomore Digital Portfolio)

• Quizzes are administered inside the eCollege classroom

• Quiz scores are automatically populated in the grade-book once students completes the quiz and grades are released by the instructor

Refer to the Reading and Assignment section within your course and inquire with your instructor as to deadline of the quiz and weekly course schedule. See screen-shot attached below.

Portfolio reviews are also completed for portfolio courses

• As part of this process, student portfolios will be collected and evaluated based on a standardized rubric.

• Portfolios selected MUST demonstrate course competencies and portfolio requirements as outlined in classroom assignments.

• Faculty teaching IMD311 and IMD432 will be required to upload student work via a link established inside of these classrooms for this purpose.

• Once the student work is uploaded, the portfolio review committee (PRC) will assess student portfolios using the standardized review form to determine effectiveness of course outcomes.