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Student Assessments FAQs
« on: February 16, 2012, 05:17:16 pm »
Question: How can students best prepare for the course quizzes and portfolio review?

Answer: The content within the quizzes was created based on the courses students previously take within their degree program. They should refer back to their previous coursework and lectures as part of their preparation for each quiz and final portfolio review. Refer to the Portfolio Center board within the main page of this Help Forum area to learn more about preparing for your portfolio, this post will link you to the Portfolio Center in Connections.

Question: Can students’ re-take the quiz in attempt to receive a better grade?

Answer:  No, Students are not able to re-take the quiz.

Question: If a student's computer goes down halfway through taking the quiz -- are they able to re-take the quiz or resume taking where they left off, once they are back-up and running?

Answer:  The exam can be reset in such mitigating circumstances, but would likely require approval from admin. A student would need to communicate this issue to their instructor.

Question: Do the quizzes factor into the final overall grade?

Answer:  These quizzes are factored into the final overall grade and should be treated like any other assignment grade as part of the student’s final course grade.

Question: Will instructors include a basic explanation of our expectations for each of these quizzes. Including a simple ‘why and how the quiz content’ was arrived at within each course section, directly included within the quiz thread.

Answer:  Instructors are to post assignment information, including relevant content related to course quizzes and portfolio completion. It is encouraged to also provide as an announcement as well. It is best to provide students with informational reminders beyond only the information sitting in the shell.