Author Topic: AS3 Randomized movieclips have a glitch in transitions  (Read 1629 times)


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AS3 Randomized movieclips have a glitch in transitions
« on: May 16, 2014, 12:34:24 pm »
I am trying to further my skills in flash/AS3 and I am really stuck.  I have 9 movie clips and an intro clip. I was trying to have the intro play and then transition into the randomized clips. I accomplished this. The problem is that after the randomized clips play a clip twice there is a skip visible during the rest of the transitions.

I have AS3 on the main timeline and some in each clip. I am using a function and calling it from a frame on the movie clip. This starts the new clip while the old one finished and is stopped and made invisible. There are 2 points of AS3 in the movie clip the first point activates the function and the second point removes the clip playing.

Everything works fine except for the skip occasionally. I have used trace at every step and I still could still not find the problem. Here is a link to a live version.


I am also including the fla file in case anyone might be able to help me.

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Chad Swann


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Re: AS3 Randomized movieclips have a glitch in transitions
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2014, 11:03:21 am »
I am seeing some errors come up in your output window that could be a part of the problem. I'm not really finding the error at this point, but I do question the approach. I would not have all the clips running and just turn them off/on by visibility. I would add and remove movie clips as they are needed instead. I don't know if this method would be better in fixing your error or not. But I think having all the different clips loaded in there and just affecting visibility unnecessarily uses up memory. You might look at this in a new way if you have not found the source of the problem.


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Re: AS3 Randomized movieclips have a glitch in transitions
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2014, 12:41:31 pm »
Hi and thank you for responding. I have tried that approach because it seemed like a better way to do it but I had the same problem. I think it is a tough thing to do. I need to have the new clip start over (z- index) the one that is about to end so that there is a smooth transaction. It seems to work fine until the function is activated and the randomization starts a clip that is already playing. I set a condition so that it would restart the function and maybe that is causing the issue.

 I have tried several methods of doing this and they all have the same glitch.  I thought this would have been an easy thing to do but now I question if it is possible.

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