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Proofreading Assistance / Rough Draft W1A3
« Last post by theweaponxjamie on December 20, 2013, 06:45:02 pm »
  Out of the three different chooses I had to pick the only one that calls for my attention is
is my amazing mother. She is the most effective force in my life that calls for a recount of events
and memories that have had the biggest impression in my life.
     Even though my mother didn't raise me and my father did, my mother, Gloria Duncan has impacted
things in my life more then if she had. That's just my opinion. My father, James Waring may he rest
 in peace did an amazing job with raising me and teaching me the main goal of all others, to love your
children unconditionally.
   There isn't enough time for me to explain all the things that I have learned from this amazing woman
but I can write down a few great moments and lessons learned. One thing that stands out the most is
being taught how to be a real father by a woman. I don't say that as if a woman can't teach a man how to
be a father because that would be a lie.
    My mother is a Christian, born and raised. I'm not a religious man by any since of the word but I do
believe in my heart that's what made her the strong woman she is today. I have 3 boys 15, 8, and 7. They
are the most precious things to me in this world and I love them more then life itself.
    I've had to leave with my mother off and on a few times in my life when thing got a bit rough for me
and when I had no other choice. After I was an adult she has always been there for me when I needed her
even when it came to tough love. The main point my mom hammered into my head after I had children is that
a real man takes care of his children on a consistent basis. Over the years I've learned how to be a dad
through trial and error but the best lessons from my mothers experiences.
   I actually use to get angry when she use to fuss at me and try to tell me what it takes and means to
 be a real man. But after I made a heartfelt decision to stop being argumentative and start being
obedient to the wisdom she was imparting into me, I became a better father and son then I've ever been.
It's ironic, the same thing my mother was telling me half my life for the most part I hear myself telling
my oldest son the same things. When he argues back with me I understand all the more why it's important
for a child to do more listening then talking. You can't learn from someone when your talking and their
 talking at the same time.
    When I heard that "a woman can't teach a boy to be a man" I use to believe and repeat the same thing.
But my mother has gone above and beyond to show me that is a complete untruth. If it wasn't for my mother
being such a powerful force in my life I wouldn't be the man, son, and father I am today. And I have to
say, I'm a pretty darn good dad!   
The Writing Process / Beeks_Christian_Wk5_A2
« Last post by ChrissyB1 on December 10, 2013, 07:05:22 pm »
Christian Beeks
English 1010 XI Composition and Language
Instructor: Eleanor Binnings
December 9, 2013   

Computer Animation has always been such a wonderful tool of art in my opinion. The fact that digital media is so flexible and allows the artist to create things from television ads to animated films makes it very convenient. Computer animation is a universally used tool when it comes to design. From commercials to movies to amusement park rides, computer animation has proved to be an essential asset for many genres of entertainment.
I plan to get my bachelorís degree in computer animation and hopefully find a career in doing what I love. Art is my favorite pastime and Iím very passionate about it. I hope to one day start my own animation production of some kind. I started taking college art courses after high school, hoping to further my artistic education and be that much further in pursuing my dream career. I intend to be very successful with my art and I hope that the courses I take currently will aid me through my journey. Hopefully one day, my art will be seen on television.
I think computer animation is very helpful to many artists despite what kind of tool they use. Computer animation can even be used to create digital videos to show new artists what brushes and charcoals to use. It is useful in so many ways. Computers have opened up a whole new way to animate. At first many would say that it is very high-tech and a bit confusing, but that depends on the program being used. There are hundreds of computer animating software on the market, and just as an artist chooses what ink, paint or charcoal they like, itís the same thing with software. I like digital animation because it touches bases with a vast variety of entertainment. Films and television is only one asset, thereís also video games. Video games are the perfect example of computer animation at its best. Just from visual gameplay, one can almost see where the artwork was influenced and how. Video games are just another great aspect of computer animation.
I feel that artists looking for a fun career thatís also very high in demand as far as marketing goes should definitely pursue computer animation. Iíve been studying it for a couple years now and it never ceases to amaze me. Every day I learn something new and see more creative ways to use computer animation in day to day activities. You can almost guarantee that computer animation will be around for a long time. As long as thereís entertainment and children, artists should look into computer animation. After all, the first feature-length computer animated film was the 1995 movie Toy Story and that movie was a huge success. That animated film was so popular and still is today, with sequels and merchandise. Pixar, a very popular computer animation company created it, along with many other animated successes.
Many artists that do traditional art often feel intimidated by computer animation because itís so complex or at least seen that way. Surprisingly though, itís much like drawing with a pencil. Throughout my years of animation study Iíve learned that it isnít so difficult to use digital software as one would think. Just think of the mouse as your piece of charcoal, and the computer screen is the canvas. I personally think that computer animation is probably one of the best animation outlets to use because it allows the artist to do so much, more than they could with paper. The concept of animation has been a focus of study for a long time. People are fascinated at the mechanics of the creative style of design. The way one can create a character and literally give it life amazes the young and old.
There are even benefits for those who intend to try computer animated. When youíre really into the artwork youíre creating, whether youíre using clay, paint or pencils, it can always get a bit messy right? Well thatís just another convenience about computer animation. You can create some of the most detailed artwork ever without having to worry about getting paint on your favorite shirt or jeans. Computer animation lets the artist demonstrate their work without hassle. Also, because youíre doing everything digitally, itíll be even easier to get your artwork seen locally or even globally if youíre trying to get noticed.
Everyone has their own special talent, and all artists have their own ways of creating. Iím not trying to pressure anyone to draw a certain way. If you like using clay, keep on doing it. If you enjoy the smooth texture of crayons or the bold streaks of charcoal then by all means, continue. But I must say that computer animation is my forte. Itís fun and I look forward to building a career on what I love to do. I will say that if youíre an artist looking to spread your creative talent, then you should give computer animation a try.

Proofreading Assistance / Rough draft,please read and give comments
« Last post by jwross0586 on December 09, 2013, 07:42:16 pm »
Please read
Proofreading Assistance / Proof Read and Feedback on my Final Research paper
« Last post by jschro15 on November 18, 2013, 08:00:04 pm »
This is my first time using the writing center resources. I thought I would give it a try since my final paper is lengthy and I have never written anything of this magnitude before.

My topic is the history and evolution of books and why they are important.

Proofreading Assistance / Essay proposal - Proofreading
« Last post by smoothminou on November 13, 2013, 03:25:36 pm »
Is the writing center closed?

The Writing Process / Could I please have someone proof read my draft?
« Last post by jkoong on November 09, 2013, 11:54:50 am »

I'm just looking for someone to tell me what I could focus on since this is the first draft essay of my course. I would love to know what I should focus on to make them better.

Proofreading Assistance / Persuasive Essay
« Last post by mskmarks on November 05, 2013, 06:40:32 pm »
Hello! My name is Kennady. As a required step of the submission of my draft for Professor Nash's ENG1010 class, I'll be submitting my rough-draft persuasive essay as an attachment here.
Proofreading Assistance / Comparison and Contrast Paragraph
« Last post by Scruggs on October 28, 2013, 07:17:14 pm »

     Hello Kate, I was hoping you could proof read this for me. My main concern is grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. Any help would be great. Thank you!

Proofreading Assistance / Re: Draft Compare/Contrast essay
« Last post by kbutler on October 23, 2013, 12:45:57 pm »
Hi Ashley,

Again, my apologies for the delay. I went ahead and attached a bit of feedback here, although I assume that you have already further developed this. My main comment is to make sure that you still have a thesis driving this essay -- I see that you are comparing, but the result of that comparison is not yet clear. Keep working on eliminating those fragment sentences as well. Check out the handout on comma clarity for additional insight on this topic! I hope this helps. Let me know if you would like me to look at your latest draft.

All best!

Proofreading Assistance / Re: Request for proofreading per professor in ENGLISH 1010 UG
« Last post by kbutler on October 23, 2013, 12:16:04 pm »
Aw, my pleasure!!! Please keep the questions coming :).

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