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Scholarly Research Methods
« on: May 30, 2012, 05:24:43 pm »
This is my assignment and I have no clue what she is talking about, is this the area where I can get help for my paper

For your academic coursework, you are expected to have awareness of scholarly research methods. The first step is identifying key search terms. Sometimes this takes a few tries to figure out which will be the most effective. For this assignment, you will perform a search and then write several paragraphs describing your process and discoveries about the process. You will also reflect on the limitations of Wikipedia as a scholarly source.

Find a term related to your career and perform the following searches on it. If you are having trouble locating a key term or issue, you might want to check out professional organizations or publications in your field to find something new and relevant.

Once you have identified a topic and potential key terms, then perform your search in each of the following engines:

Search in Google
Search in Google Scholar
Search in Art Institute of Pittsburgh ñ Online Division's Online Library (See the Library and Tutoring Services section in the Course Home unit.)
Make notes on your search and evaluate how effective these various search engines are, describing their pros and their cons. Use the following outline to produce a substantive reflection on this process, taking care to ensure you follow ethical MLA citing practices and that your paragraphs are adequately developed to reflect college-level writing skills.

Paragraph 1 should define your research objective and process of identifying and refining the key word(s).
Paragraphs 2-4 should focus (one apiece) on each of the three assigned search engines. Describe what restrictions you tried and what tips you learned from your search. Include comparison and contrast between the search engines.
In paragraph 5, review Wikipediaís ìAbout Wikipediaî statement to learn more about Wikipedia. Also, review AiPODís Academic Expectations statement (under Course Home link to the left) which bans Wikipedia for use as an academic reference. What role should Wikipedia serve in your academic career? Assess why the Art Institute has discouraged its use, except for images, as a cited source in academic work?
Please observe that while many assignments, such as this one, provide a point value linked to citing properly, your work is always subject to AiPODís plagiarism policy. Failing to cite fully may leave you guilty of inadvertent plagiarism and cause you to lose all your points!


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Re: Scholarly Research Methods
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Hi There,

I can certainly help with composing and editing essays, absolutely. If you are asking for clarification on the assignment itself, I would suggest asking your instructor :). I am glad to help, but I do need to know what it is that is unclear first. What specific questions do you have? I fear that i will just end up repeating the instructions here, so do let me know what is unclear and we can go from there. Also, again, make sure to get in touch with your instructor :).



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Re: Scholarly Research Methods
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i am doing this assignment now, i was wondering what the steps of the scholarly research method were? so i can rite my paper correctly.


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Re: Scholarly Research Methods
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The assignment itself outlines the process. Each step in the assignment is a step in the research process. Can I perhaps answer specific questions about the steps? Let me know where your confusion lies and I will be happy to help!