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Informative essay
« on: October 14, 2013, 12:18:48 am »
In a world where magazines can be found anywhere; at a grocery store, book store, or even in the doctorís office. It would seem that the magazine business is a good business to be in.  There are many magazines from sewing magazines, fitness magazines, to magazines like Called.  So some would think, ďHow do you start a magazine?Ē  Here are some steps to get you started.
   Research information from the internet shows how to start a magazine. A lot of the articles are brief.  The main things are mentioned are: you need to figure out what type of magazine you want to do and that itís a very competitive business.  Itís important not to get discouraged when you first start out because most likely you will not be making a profit in the beginning.
   Anyone can start a magazine; you just have to have the drive to keep going when the going gets tough.  Gaebler.comís article, For Entrepreneurs Starting a Business, states that 84% of adults confess to reading magazines.  But it also states that, ďamong the magazines that fail, 70% never make it to a second issue.
   eHow.comís article, How to Start a Magazine, list several steps you can take in starting a magazine. It takes you from figuring out what type of magazine you want to create.  Then it goes into giving you pointers on how to fund the magazine.  And it tells how to promote the magazine. 
   Another important thing to consider when starting a magazine is having it copyright.  There are a few steps to be taken to do that, but isnít anything too difficult.  You can fill out the application online at the Copyright Officeís website. There are filing costs that go along with copyrighting a magazine.  Those fees could also be paid online.
   In conclusion, anyone is able start a magazine.  But itís about taking certain steps and working really hard at it. You will have to put money into it and not getting discouraged easily. You need to have a business plan in place.

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Re: Informative essay
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Hi, I am not sure what kind of paper is required by your instructor. Remember to include that information in a brief note that accompanies the text you want reviewed.

For the paper itself, I am not seeing a thesis statement that focuses the paper on one main idea. Topic and supporting sentences need to be more effectively used in the body paragraphs.

Also the writing contains punctuation, grammatical and typographical errors. For example, the first sentence is a fragment and be sure to use parallel structure as in "put money into it and not get discouraged."

Last I do not see proper MLA formatting for the Works Cited and no in-text which indicates where those sources were actually referenced in the essay itself. Review the MLA information on the Help home page for details.

B. Szumsky