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Told to post here then repost for grade
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I was told to submit this here then repost for a grade after my citations were corrected.

 Pair Statue of Ptahkhenuwy and his wife was made of painted limestone most likely created for Ptahkenuwy to ensure their love continued in the afterlife.  It is in traditional style, with the maleís leg positioned forward, while his wife is standing with both feet positioned together.  Their status as a married couple is noted by the way in which the woman is affectionately holding the man, while his arms are straight down.  The couple were most likely wealthy, but not royalty.  They could afford such a statue, yet they present no indication that they are of royal blood without headdresses or a false beard on the male.  The use of limestone rather than a fine metal also indicates the likeliness of a lesser standing in society.  They may have been members of the royal court or favored servants of a king.  (Kleiner) Its purpose is unknown.  It was found in Giza, Egypt, and is currently housed at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA. (White Ancient Egypt, 2010)
  This pair statue of Mycerinos and his wife Queen Khamerernebty II are also of typical front facing married pose.  The king is shown with a headdress, a sign of his royalty, and although the queen has none, her status is shown by her similarity in height to that of her mate. (Kinnaer, 1997)  It is believed that a king being shown with his wife in such a manner was to ensure successful procreation and therefore a successor to the throne. (Kinnaer, 1997)  It is made of bronze, and was possibly a burial statue to ensure the love they shared continued in the afterlife.  It was found in Giza, Egypt.  It is currently housed in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA.
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Re: Told to post here then repost for grade
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I'm glad to help. First, though, are you being asked to use APA style in your class? I just want to make sure because most general education classes are required to use MLA. I just want to make sure I don't misdirect you first :).

Talk to you soon!